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The importance of chair covers and proper fitting linens at your wedding

Chair covers and table linens can be one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to weddings.  Your reception is where you spend most of your budget and most of your wedding day.  So doesn't it make sense that you'd want this place to look its best?  There is nothing wrong with standard table linens that are provided by facilities as long as they fit correctly.  Here's an example of what to avoid:

There are a lot of things that went wrong in this picture but the table cloths are all different sizes and barely even cover the tables!!!


You probably spent a lot to rent these Chivari chairs so why not spend a few extra bucks to get a decent floor length tablecloth.


I'm not sure what happened here the covers don't fit very well at all and it looks like they used a wrong size table cloth with an overlay or maybe layered two wrong sized cloths trying to make a right??

Chair covers for your wedding may be low down on your list of priorities when planning your big day. But, chair covers are a very critical part of decorating your wedding venue. You have probably already thought about the cake and the table covers but wedding chair covers should not be an afterthought, disregarded or left until the last minute.
First contemplate that you will have more chairs in the room than any other type of furniture. It really is different when you look at only one chair as opposed to looking at one hundred or 2 hundred. They will cover a significant part of the room. It is essential that the color and uniformity of your chairs is in fitting with the rest of the venue styling and décor. There is no point spending hours agonizing over which table covers to select and disregarding the chairs that go around your impeccably styled table. Why spoil the visual impact of your wedding venue with unappealing, boring, mismatched chairs that do not match in with your theme and color scheme?
Lots of women are shocked and unhappy when they see their finished wedding reception venue for the reason that they didn't think about the importance of their wedding chair covers. On numerous occasions, we've been contacted at the last minute for an emergency supply and fitting. Chair covers for weddings have a dramatic impact, don't make this oversight! 
Here's some picture's to show you what I mean:

We offer many styles of chair covers and linens for affordable prices because we know how much of a difference it can make when designing your wedding vision.  From basics to couture designs we have something for everyone and every budget. Check out for a small portion of what we have to offer.

Gmail has recently changed; don't let this change force you to miss out on information you request for your wedding day!

The most recent update to GMail is a new feature where google decides where they think your messages should be filed.  Your inbox has been divided into 3 sorting tabs: primary, social and promotions.  The primary tab will feature emails received from friends and family.  The social tab will be pinterest, twitter, facebook etc.; while the promotions tab is where your important vendor request information will be ending up.  Since your probably not going to check your promotions tab as often as you would your primary(or even social) you might be missing out on the information you are requesting for your wedding!

Here's How To Ensure You Receive Important Vendor Messages:

I'm going to use my email address as an example.

Step 1


Log into the Gmail account you use to receive messages from wedding vendors and search for ""

Step 2


Drag any email message from "" to the "Primary" tab.  This will tell Gmail that its a safe email and belongs under the "Primary" tab, not the "Promo" tab.

Step 3


A pop-up will appear asking you if you want all future messages from to be organized under the "Primary" tab.  Make sure you select YES!

Repeat the above steps for your photographer, DJ, bakery, florist, reception site etc.


Enter to win a chance to meet David Tutera!

We are so excited to be participating in the Dewey Banquet Hall bridal show on April 14th, 2013. It's going to be a great show to begin with full of the areas top bridal professionals.  But what happens after the show is what makes this event truly unique and a first of its kind in the Lehigh Valley.

David Tutera, the star of WE TV's My Fair Wedding, will be the guest speaker after the event and will then do a Meet and Greet.





Tickets for the April 14th Premier Bridal Showcase at the Dewey Banquet Hall with Wedding Planner David Tutera went on sale this Friday March 1st 2013. Turnout has been amazing so far and tickets are selling quickly and expected to sell out. 

Ticket Prices are as follows (Cash or Check ONLY):

General Admission for just the bridal show: $10.00 at the Door

Tickets for Speaking Engagement/Meet and Greet: $50.00 in advance $60.00 at the door

For Ticket information please call 610-838-6731 or email us at


We are offering 1 lucky winner though the chance to win a ticket to hear David speak and meet him after the event.  All you need to do is follow this link to enter a chance to win

We've won an award!

We are proud to announce that we've won the True Love 2012 award from!

The True Love Award is only bestowed upon those wedding professionals who have demonstrated outstanding quality and service and have earned at least 25 "loves" from clients and colleagues on

We are honored and excited to have won this award and would like to thank all of our clients, past clients and colleagues that helped us acheive this status!




National Cruise Week a great time to book a vacation or your honeymoon!

So not only do we plan weddings and events here at "I Do" Events but we are also an affiliate of VIP Vacations (click on the link to "like" their page).  What's that mean for you???  It means that not only can we plan your entire event we can plan all your accomodations for your friends and family traveling for your event, we can plan destination weddings, honeymoons, vacations etc.  Anything travel related just let us know.  There are no additional service fees just shoot us an email and tell us what your needs are and where you want to go. You don't even need to be using our planning services we can strictly book your honeymoon, family vacation, babymoon whatever it is just call us.

I'd like to say out of all the various ways to travel our speciality here, at I Do,  is defintely cruising as well as Disney vacations.  So that brings me to the topic today of National Cruise Week.




What is National Cruise Week you ask? 

National Cruise Vacation Week, which runs from Oct. 22 through Oct. 29, is an annual industry-wide sales event organized by the Cruise Line International Association, an organization in which all of the major cruise lines are members.

Virtually every cruise line you have ever heard about is offering various bargain incentives to book a cruise this week.


What kind of deals are cruiselines offering?

To celebrate National Cruise Vacation Week, cruise lines are launching some of the most aggressive discounts of the year on late 2012 and 2013 sailings, cutting prices by as much as 60%. Along with deep discounts, these deals include extras such as onboard credits, prepaid gratuities, bundled airfare and more.


Let's take a look at some of the deals various lines are offering:


Azamara Club Cruises
  This small cruise line has only two ships that hold a mere 700 passengers apiece. They fill the tiny niche known as "Upscale Cruises" which generally offer all of the amenities and culinary excellence of luxury cruise lines, including outstanding cuisine and personalized service, but on very port-intensive itineraries and at lower prices.

Even better, for 2013 Azamara is expanding the items included in the cruise fare. Guests now get complimentary beer, wines and spirits during bar hours. Each cruise will have a special experience called an "AzAmazing Evening" where every guest will be treated to a special nighttime event in one of the ports of call (beginning with the 2013 European season). The line already includes wine and beer with dinner, free shuttle service in ports and staff gratuities in the cruise fare.

For Cruise Week, Azamara is adding $500 onboard credit for suites, $400 credit for veranda staterooms and $300 credit for oceanview staterooms.


Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival is the most successful cruise line, and this year it is also offering the steepest bargains for seven-day Caribbean cruises. For this special cruise week, from October 21-27, the line is offering free upgrades (up to two categories) to previous Carnival cruisers plus a 50 percent reduction is the cost of placing a deposit.

Three-day cruises are priced as low as $149 per person (inside) and $309 (balcony staterooms); Four-day sailings start at $169 to $429 for suites and five-day cruises are as low as $239 per person (inside) and $499 (balcony staterooms). Six-day sailings start as low as $319 (inside) and $529 (balcony) and seven day cruises are just $329 per person (inside) and $599 (balcony staterooms).

Cunard Line
Cunard Lines operating the grandest ocean liner in the world, Queen Mary 2, has Cruise Week discounts that include a $300 credit per stateroom and upgrades to balcony staterooms on the line's signature trans-Atlantic crossings. The April 26 westbound crossing from New York to Southampton, for example, is priced at $1345 for a balcony stateroom.

This is just a small sample of what various lines are offering if anything looks interesting to you and you'd like to find out more or check into another line just shoot us an email with details of what you are looking for.


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